largest education database

all UK school types covered

250+ job functions & purchasing areas

1 million school leaders & teachers

unrivalled volume and coverage

Market leading postal and email database of UK Schools, Teachers & Senior Leadership Teams

Maximise your targeting, improve your response and minimise your wastage, using the largest and most accurate schools and education database in the UK. Full data coverage of all UK schools, including over 1 million named teachers, purchasing decision makers and school leadership contacts. Target your offering to over 250+ school job functions and areas of purchasing influence. Our 99% schools’ data accuracy guarantee, underpins our commitment to providing the best data available.

‘Our in-house data research team are updating and cleansing our education database every day – ensuring you are using the most up-to-date data available'

All UK school types are available for selection - State, Independent, Academy, Free and Special Schools and you can select by geographic area (county, LEA area, postcode area, region) number of pupils, school budget, school deprivation level and many other demographic indicators too – just ask us.

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