Effective email marketing to schools

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Email Marketing to schools

Let’s be honest. You just want to get your email safely into the right inbox. When you ask us to manage your email marketing to schools, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

We’ve got almost million GDPR compliant personal school email addresses for teachers and school staff - personal school email addresses get straight through to the decision-makers inbox

We’ve been helping people like you reach the right decision-makers in UK schools for more than 17 years and over that time we’ve been asked A LOT of questions about emailing schools so we have written a short guide based on these questions and our experience of helping businesses email schools.

Download our guide here.

Make response easy with just OneClick

Every schools marketing email we send out for you, can include our OneClick response link in your content. The recipient simply clicks to confirm their details are correct and the enquiry is on its way to you!

We can include your branding on the OneClick and should you want to collect more information from them, ask us about OneClickPlus+

OneClick is just another way we help maximise your results on every email we send for you.

Maximising the return on your Investment

Enjoy maximum deliverability

When it comes to your email content and layout, we can guide you on troublesome words to avoid, help with calls to action, check your email file size isn’t a problem and advise on a host of other best practices for email marketing.

We accept HTML code from many different editors and are happy to advise on layout issues or questions you may have. Alternatively we can build you fully responsive HTML emails, ensuring they will display correctly across displays of all sizes.

Our testing procedure is second to none. We leave nothing to chance.

Your emails are sent from our dedicated servers using our own email gateway. We use DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail), DMARC and SPF to secure your emails and maximise deliverability. You’ll also benefit from our reputable IP addresses reducing the chance of your email ending up as SPAM.

Finally, schools know Schools Marketing Company. They’re used to receiving our emails and appreciate their value. That means they’re more likely to open them.

Which is what you want, isn’t it?

Timely reporting and analysis

Your friendly account manager will be with you from start to finish, from send through to post-campaign reporting and analysis. You’ll enjoy total clarity on your email’s performance. We can compare this to similar campaigns, helping you to develop your content for even greater results.

There’s no complacency at Schools Marketing Company, we’re as keen as you are to achieve the best results possible.

Want to talk to us about managing your email marketing to schools? Our prices start from just £295.00

Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat.